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Casitation - The 88 Servants Of Satan (2014)
Casitation - The 88 Servants Of Satan (2014)
Стиль:Black Metal
Битрейт:128 kbps
Размер:35 мб
Тэги:Satan, Casitation, (2014), Servants

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» Треклист
1. The Beast Of Fire Is Coming
2. Jesus Is A Cunt
3. Jesus's Dildo
4. The Sign Of The Devil
5. Lady Lillie
6. Black Shit
7. The Ghost Of Solitude
8. After My Prayers, I'll Fuck You. OK?
9. The Goats Head On A Spike
10. The Servent Of Satan
11. Deaths Eye
12. Kill The Christians

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1 DrZed   (03.07.2014 20:05)
Every song on this "release" is a direct copy taken from The Black's (Sw) "Priest of Satan" 1st LP 1994 as published by Necropolis Records, California USA. The songs are all the same length as the 1994 version. The titles are a bit different, but this "LP" simply copies all the original The Black's songs directly off the original 1994 version.

Perhaps the version I downloaded from the Internet was an error, and if so I may change my opinion, but all the versions on the Internet that I found today are the same as the one I downloaded; even this "releases" length is exactly the same as the original The Black's 1994 CD version as published by Necropolis 1994!

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