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продажа CD
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Abandon - Never-ending Black Torrent of Death (Todestrieb) 400p
Aphoom Zhah / Smierceslau - split (Possession Prod.) 250p
Archandrja - Zimowy Brzask ZwyciпїЅstwa (Eastside) 250p
Arghoslent - Arsenal of Glory (Winland Winds) 250p
Aryan Blood / Eisenwinter - split (Der Sieg Records) 400p
Aryan Wind - Voices of Our Ancestors (Bludgeon Records) 200p
Aryan Wind / Brumalis / Valhalla Saints - split (Bludgeon Records) 200p
Barbarous Pomerania - Duch 300 z Rany (Yar Production / Empire606 Records) 200p
Beherit / Archgoat - Messe des Morts / Angelcunt (ISO 666 Releases) 400p
Black Funeral - Empire of Blood (Full Moon Productions) 250p
Command - Sturmangriff (Totenkopf Propaganda) 400p
Countess - Blazing Flames Of War (Barbarian Wrath) 500p
Coven Of The Worm - 1992-1996 (Totenkopf Propaganda) 400p
Dark Ages - Twilight of Europe (Supernal Music) 250p
Deathgate Arckanum - Totenwerke (Blutvergiesen / Kenosis kult) 250p
Evil - Pagan Fury (Hexenhammer/Stellar Winter) 200p
Goat - Alle Hader Goat (Diehard) 400p
Graveland - Drunemeton (Forever Plagued Rec.) 400p
Grom / The Shadow Order - Sons Of Zeus (Unholy Rec./ Pagan Nations Rising) 300p
Halgadom - Wille:Tatkraft:Potential (Sonnenkreuz) 400p
Hallstatt - Barbarian Warlike Supremacy (Nykta) 250p
Hate Forest - Purity (Supernal Music) 400p
Hate Forest - Sorrow (Supernal Music) 400p
Havohej - Dethrone The Son Of God (Supreme Art Prod.) 400p
Honor - In Flames of the Rising Power (Resistance Rec) 500p
Ildjarn - Son of the Northstar (Full Moon Production) 400p
Ildjarn - Forest Poetry (Wolfsgray) 500p
Ildjarn - 1992-1995 (Northern Heritage) 500p
Infernal War / Warhead - Explosion(split) (Eastside) 300p
Iuvenes - Towards Sources Of Honour And Pride (No Colours Rec.) 400p
Kataxu - Hunger of Elements (Supernal Music) 400p
Kruk - Drowned In A Swamp Heart Of Europe (Possession Prod./Stygian Crypt) 250p
Magog - Artglauben (Christhunt Productions) 250p
Moontower - Antichrist Supremacy Domain (Total Holocaust Records) 300p
Moontower - Praise the Apocalypse (ISO666 Releases) 300p
Moontower - The Wolf's Hunger (Aura Mistique Prod.) 300p
Nachtfalke - Hail Victory Teutonia (Christhunt Prod.) 400p
Nunslaughter - Goat (Hell's Headbangers) - олдскул дэз-блэк метал 250p
Odelegger - The End Of Tides (Perverted Taste) 250p
Pagan - …and Darkness is Above All (Werewolves / Possession) 250p
Pagan - The Last Circle of the Abyss… to the Coming (Werewolves / Possession) 250p
Sacrificia Mortuorum - Ira Melanox (Inspire Hate Records) 100p
Saltus - Imperium Slonca (Eastside) 300p
Sorhin - I Det Glimrande Mцrkrets Djup (Irond) 100p
Swine - Marked By The Baron (Vanguard Prod.) 400p
Summoning - Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame (Irond) 100p
Temnozor - Horizons (CD-Maximum) 200p
Temnozor - Sorcery of Fragments (Stellar Winter) 300p
The Shadow Order - Untold (Nykta) 400p
The True Beltez - Beltane (Ewiges Eis) 250p
Todesstoss - Jenseitslüge (Blutvergiessen) 250p
Todesstoss - Spiegel der Urangste (BD) 300p
Totenburg - Art Und Kampf (Nebelfee Klangwerke) 300p
Totenburg - Pestpogrom (Nebelfee Klangwerke) 400p
Totenburg - Weltmach Oder Niedergang / Winterschlacht (ISO 666 Releases) 400p
Tribute To Absurd - (Hammerbund) 250p
Volkurah - The Pagan Ritual (Autistiartili Records) 400p
Wilk - Zwyciкstwo bкdzie Nasze! (Hammerbolt Rec) 100p
Wolfnacht - Dawn Of Heathens (Christhunt Prod.) 400p
VON - Satanic Blood Angel (Nuclear War Now!) 500p
Xasthur - The Funeral of Being (Blood Fire Death) 300p
Xasthur - Nocturnal Poisoning (Blood Fire Death) 300p

Добавлено (11.03.2010, 13:49)
Aeoga - Coav (Aural Hypnos) 400p
Aeoga - Zenith Beyond The Helix-Locus (Aural Hypnos) 400p
Aghiatrias - Regions Of Limen (Epidemie Records) 300p
Archon Satani - In Shelter (Dark Vinyl) 400p
Archon Satani - Mind of Flesh & Bones (Cold Spring) 400p
Archon Satani - Virgin Birth...(Born Again) (Functional) 500p
Arktau Eos - Mirrorion (Aural Hypnos) 400p
Atomtrakt - Verwüstung (Bloodhead Productions) 200p
Autopsia - Colonia (Staalplat) 500p
Autopsia - The Berlin Requiem (OldEuropaCafe) 400p
Bad Sector - The Harrow (Ewer Tonkunst) 400p
Blood Box - The Iron Dream (Eibon Records) 300p
Brandkommando - Time Of Violence (Beast Of Prey) 200p
Catharsis / Drape Excrement - Homo Homini Lupus (Malignant Records) 400p
Clear Stream Temple - XVI (ColdSpring) 300p
Clinic Of Torture - Whip & Pierce / Perversion Bizar (Freak Animal) 400p
Cloama - Revizionist Knowledge (Freak Animal) 400p
Combative Alignment - …and Outside Glows the Red Dawn (Malignant Records) 400p
Control - Natural Selection (Eibon Rec.) 400p
Control - The Means To An End (Eibon Records) 400p
Daniel Menche - Wings On Fire (Tantric Harmonies) 200p
Dead Body Love - Maximal Dose (RRR) 300p
Deadwood - 819 (Coldspring) 300p
Death Squad - Fucked In The USA (Freak Animal) 300p
Desolation Zone - Process (Void Recordz) 200p
Dominator - Back For More (Cold Spring) 400p
Dresden 45 - Anfang-Ende (Torpor Records) 400p
Fire In The Head - Meditate / Mutilate (Eibon Records) 400p
Gelsomina - Cronenberg / Dead Music Live (Freak Animal) 400p
Green Army Fraction - Conservative and Full of Hate (L.White Records) 300p
Green Army Fraction - Norrlandsvisor (Misanthrope Studio) 200p
Grey Wolves - Blood and Sand (Cold Spring) 500p
Grunt - Europe After Storm 400p
Grunt / Cloama - Nausea Of Humanity (Freak Animal) 400p
Gruntsplatter - Chronicling the Famine (Desolation House) 300p
Gruntsplatter - The Aberrant Laboratory (Dark Vinyl) 300p
Gruntsplatter - The Eulogists Assembly (Eibon Rec.) 300p
Haare - The Temple (Freak Animal Records) limited to 200 300p
Haare / Gelsomina - split (Musically Incorrect Records) limited edition 200p
Halo Manash - Par-Antra I: Vir (Aural Hypnos) 400p
Halo Manash - Syoma (Aural Hypnos) 400p
HERR - The Winter Of Constantinople (ColdSpring) 300p
Incinerator International - Head On (Old Europa Café) 400p
Infamis - Upiór - Qualis Rex, Talis Grex (Beast Of Prey) 200p
Kerovnian - From The Depths Of Haron (ColdSpring) 400p
Kriegsfall-U - Kriegsfall-U (ColdSpring) 300p
La Comunidad - Bastion 23 g.p. (L.White Records) 400p
Law - Wading Knee-Deep In Your Blood (OldEuropaCafe) 400p
Le Syndicat - Corrumpate (RRR) 300p
Le Syndicat - Recktitude (RRR) 300p
Le Syndicat - Relikat & Schraguemusik (RRR) 300p
Lefthandeddecision - Instinct & Emotion (Crionic Mind) 300p
Lithivm - Threshold To Disharmony (Cold Meat Industry) 400p
Maath - No Survivors For The New World (Eibon Records) 300p
Maison Close - Maison Close 400p
Megaptera - You will never survive this nightmare (Live Bait) 2CD 600p
Morder Machine(feat.Atrax Morgue) - Deathshow (Slaughter Production) 400p
Murder Corporation - New Crimes (RRR) 300p
Muslimgauze - Lahore and Marseille (Tantric Harmonies) 300p
MZ412 - Infernal Affairs (Cold Meat Industry) 400p
N. - City Of The Broken Wheelchairs (Spatter) 200p
Navicon Torture Technologies - Dripping With The Power Of Her Flesh 400p
Navicon Torture Technologies - I Fucking Hate You All & I Hope You All Fucking Die (Eibon Rec.) 400p
Navicon Torture Technologies - Scenes From The Next Millenium (Eibon Rec.) 400p
Navicon Torture Technologies - The Church Of Dead Girls (Malignant) 2CD 600p
Negru Pvlse - Madeira (Old Europa Café) 400p
Nicole 12 - Playground / Lolita Love (Freak Animal) 400p
Nicole 12 - Substitute (Freak Animal) 400p
Nicole 12 / Taint - Candyman (Freak Animal) 500p
No Festival Of Light - If God Lived On Earth We Would Break His Windows (Fluttering Dragon) 400p
No Xivic - Uneksija (Onyxia) 300p
Nocturne - Kapitulation (Stateart) 400p
Nordvargr - Awaken (Cd-maximum) 200p
Objekt 4 - Extermination Processing Tower (Ravenheart) 200p
Olhon - Sinkhole (Eibon Records) 400p
Plan-A / Totenhaus / Desolation Zone - Grunberg Maschinen Sturm (Beast Of Prey) 200p
Prurient - The History of Aids (Hospital Prod.) 300p
Raison d'Etre - Requiem For Abandoned Souls (Cold Meat Industry) 400p
Robert Rich / Lustmord - Stalker 400p
Sephiroth - Draconian Poetry (Cold Meat Industry) 400p
SKM-ETR - Screwdriver City (Freak Animal) 300p
Slogun / Sickness - spilt (PAC) 300p
Steel Hook Prostheses - Light Reflected From A Cold Cutting Table (Pain Compliance Productions ) 300p
Streicher - War Without End (Cold Spring) 400p
Swirling Sunwheels - The Strong Shall Prevail (Musique & Tradition) 200p
Taint - Misogynist Lust (Freak Animal) 500p
Temple Of Tiermes - Delirium Sadomaso (Freak Animal Records) limited to 300 300p
Terra Sancta - Aeon (Malignant) 400p
Today I'm Dead - I Close My Eyes (Slaughter Productions) 400p
Today I'm Dead - Menstrual Gold (Slaughter Productions) 400p
Torturecide - Torturecide (Slaughter Productions) 200p
Urna - Lares (Slaughter Productions) 200p
V/A - Collapse (StateArt) 200p
V/A - Death Odors III (Slaughter) 400p
V/A - Soundtrack for the end of the world (Self Abuse Records) 200p
V/A - Transmission Of Hatred (Open Wound) 500p
V/A - Water Communication (Swim~) 2CD 300p
Zoat Aon - Star Autopsy (Aural Hypnos) 400p
Zoat Aon - The Triplex Bestial (Aural Hypnos) 400p

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